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About Us

A Happy, Healthy and Wholesome

Home away From Home

The Natural Food Deli is a health food café, restaurant, and occasional bar, in the heart of The South Downs, in the market town of Petersfield, Hampshire. Established over 10 years ago with a vision for serving the healthiest food that is good for your body and your soul.


The Natural Food Deli started it's life back in 2012 as The Natural Apothecary, run by a family of husband and wife, daughter and her husband. Carmen, Martin, Livvy and James. They carefully grew the business for the next 10 years before eventually selling in 2023 to a local Petersfield resident and long term loyal customer, Robert.


In 2019, the original owners changed the name to it's current iteration of The Natural Food Deli with a view to adding a few more 'grab and go' items, but the onset of Covid-19 put paid to that and the priority became just about surviving through those difficult times. It was this period that was the beginning of the decision to sell.


On 1st March 2023, Robert opened the doors for his first day as new owner of this much loved and well established Petersfield favourite. Since then, small changes have been made to the business, but we remain loyal to those original roots and keep mindful of what our business means to those who enjoy coming to see us.


Under Robert's careful guidance and ownership, we are slowly adding new and exciting elements to the offerings we have, and will continue to do so through careful planning and always, by listening to our customers. In 2023 alone we have added Delivery options, Evenings, Additional outdoor seating, Alcohol sales, Judes Ice cream, changed coffee supplier to a local roaster - River Coffee in Alresford - and taken on a number of outdoor catering events including the Mayor of Petersfield's Christmas Party.


What's in store in 2024?


Something big is coming. After much consideration, research and discussion,

Robert has committed to returning the business to it's - almost - original name.


We will become known as 'The Apothecary'


Digging into our roots and the original ethos of what we do, this name is at the heart of everything. A place to be happy, healthy and wholesome. Food for your body and your soul. We already meet these principles, but our name does not reflect these values in the way the original name did. We are dropping 'Natural' from the name purely because we hear every day that people say they are in/meeting at 'The Apothecary' ...and that's always been so. Our customers have always dropped the 'Natural' anyway and so we are making that a formal recognition. It's a much more modern naming too.


There is much planning to do, and includes a refresh not just of the name, but a few colour palette alterations internally and externally too. Some tweaks here and there and a brand identity that can communicate across all touchpoints, not just in the cafe itself. Brands need to be able to finction online as well as they do offline and the brand identity needs to resonate with who we are as a business. So watch this space - details will be updated as they become available!

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