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Our Menu

We offer a wide range of healthy and nutritionally balanced dishes for breakfasts and lunches, as well as our much loved cakes, teas and coffees.

Our menu is designed to offer healthy choices for everyone, and we offer a large range  both vegetarian and vegan options along side more traditional dishes. We also cater for many food intolerances such as dairy or gluten.

We source as many of our raw ingredients as possible locally and always look to buy organic where this is possible - so whilst we cannot say 100% of our meals are organic, there's a high chance they contain many organic components.

All our dishes are available to dine-in

or as takeaway or local delivery

The Natural Food Deli Menu_AW23_Page_1.jpg
The Natural Food Deli Menu_MAIN2.jpg

All prices and information correct as of 01.07.2023. 


Our Soup of the Day and Hot Dish of the Day are changed regularly, so please ask for details when you visit, or see our Specials board. Our cakes draw in crowds from miles around, so do come and enjoy a slice. All dishes and drinks can be made as takeaway too or delivered locally for free, so if you're local, in a hurry, or just fancy eating outside on a lovely sunny day, we can cater for that too! We look forward to seeing you.

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